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As promised, here’s another good shot from the roll of film I processed last week. Maddy loves having her picture taken (even if I sneak in a candid). The lighting was perfect here and the Ilford FP4+ continues to be my favorite film for normal lighting conditions.

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Say hello to daughter Sue (on the left) and her good friend Jody. It sure felt good to be out of the house, camera in hand, basking in the warm sunshine for a few hours. We went to watch Sara, Emily and Julia play soccer last Saturday.

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These two photos are from the tail end of a roll of FP4+ B&W film I started in the spring and finished last week at the soccer games. Sue and Jody standing behind me (I was sitting in a folding chair) said “take our picture.” I turned in my chair, pointed the camera and took two shots: One with Jody wearing glasses and one without. Hope you like them.

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I have another good shot from that roll that I’m saving for next week. Hint: Maddy loves having her picture taken.

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Indeed, I’m back, I really am OK and focused on the positive aspects of life. The image of my friend Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith was taken almost ten years ago on Thanksgiving after dinner. The lady in the background is my mother-in-law.

Portrait of Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith — Thanksgiving, 2002

Chinna played the guitar, we listened and I shot a few pictures. Had I worried about the negative aspects this lovely portrait wouldn’t exist. I was using an old Pentax Spotmatic film camera I had just won on eBay. In fact it was the first roll of film I ever put through this camera so I was flying by the seat of my pants. Really — no light meter in this old guy. The composition was a bit cluttered and I was shooting handheld, lens wide open under the available light of a dining room chandelier. And to make things even more fun, the camera focus was off and I didn’t know it until I had the camera CLA’d a few weeks later.

Ah, but the portrait turned out well because I focused on the positive aspects. I was taking pictures of a new friend using a new friend camera that evening and not concerned about negative aspects.

Chinna is a world class musician who was on tour, away from his home in Jamaica. Jim, my brother-in-law, is a good friend of Chinna’s and asked if he could bring a friend to Thanksgiving dinner — We are so glad Jim asked and that we said yes.

It’s been almost six years since Chinna’s last visit. Jim and I were talking the other night and I asked how Chinna was doing. Jim told me that Chinna was doing well and that Chinna asks about me each time he and Jim talk.

Thanks Chinna. I’m back, I really am OK and focused on life’s positive aspects.

Thanks to you too IMUS. I love the way you told cancer to kiss your ass. Cancer can kiss mine too. I refuse to be defined by ‘my disease.’ Chemo seems to be working. My markers are good and I do feel better and ready for the next round of chemo on Monday.

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