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Playground Geometry

I got out of the house for an hour or so a couple of weeks ago. Tracy took the twins to the park and I went along for the ride, the sunshine and the photo opportunities. I got a couple of the girls — maybe next week

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The shapes of this sliding board grabbed me as I looked through the viewfinder so I snapped this photo. I reduced the size and cropped from 4 x 6 aspect to 4 x 5 aspect, then tweaked the curves, did some local contrast adjustments and sharpened for the final result. I like it.

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Ceres: Sunlit Web

I may have posted this image from the archives sometime in the past year. I can’t remember and it doesn’t matter anyway. I like the light and shadows in this shot.

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I processed this image a little differently this time. I used subtle toning (Platinum) to warm a bit and the refocus method of sharpening (I think refocus does a better job for images destined for electronic viewing).

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I dipped into my archives for this week’s photograph. This image is early in a series of photos I took on my first trip along Mantua Creek on the Wenonah Trail. I published five images from that roll of film on Feb. 1 but I didn’t include this one.

Under the trestle — Click to enlarge

Going back for a second look, I prefer this image over a very similar first image from the earlier post. I also processed this image differently using digiKam instead of Picture Window Pro or the Gimp. I resized the image for web use then gave it a selenium toning, tweaked the local contrast and sharpened it using the refocus method. I like the result and think it’s better than last time. I did not crop the image.

The camera was my Nikon F3HP w/ 50mm 2.0 Nikkor H lens loaded with Tri-X B&W film, ISO 1,250 processed in Diafine.

Yep, this was the first frame of my first attempt to capture moving water. I like the results and glad I revisited my archives.

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Rear Window


I’m kind of stuck in the house most days so I don’t have any new images to share. I picked today’s title with the 1954 Hitchcock movie in mind. No, I didn’t break my leg like Jeff, the photographer in the film and I see trees instead of an urban courtyard. I don’t remember when or why I made this image but I like it so I’m sharing a view from my rear window.

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