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As promised, I’m sharing a few more photos I took during our visit with Brian and his family a few weeks ago. We did have fun that day.


Not the greatest pic, but it’s the only one on the roll where I managed to capture Brian and his son Tyler.


Here’s one of Brian and his fiancé Cathy where they were hamming it up just a bit.


And another one, this time a candid of Brian and Cathy.

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I really, really like this portrait of Jocelyn and her father, my nephew Brian. Jocelyn wasn’t posing, she was engaged and I managed to capture her at just the right moment. Patience? Luck? A combination of the two? Something else entirely? Doesn’t matter one bit. All that matters is the image.


Brian and his family live in Florida. Brian, Jocelyn, Brian’s son Tyler and Cathy, his fiance, came up for a visit a few weeks ago. We all got together at Erin’s home for a lovely family afternoon together. I have a few more photos that I’ll share another time (soon).

I was using my Nikon N8008s and 35mm f/2.0 AF lens with no flash. The film was Tri-X rated at ISO 1250 and souped in Diafine.

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I caught Livvy in an unguarded moment with my niece Mary. Both photos were taken at Sue’s home on Christmas Eve.


I couldn’t make up my mind which photo I like best so I put them in the order they were taken.


Each image tells a story, I think this second image tells a shy story.

I used a 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor lens for both images. The camera was my Nikon F3HP, the film Tri-X rated at 1250 ISO with no flash. Great combo.

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I developed and scanned a new roll of film on Monday so I have some new images to share.


I caught a nice candid “Mamma Moment” with Maddy & Sue. My timing was pretty good on this one. I have a few more decent shots from this roll of film that I’ll share with you soon.

I started a new roll and shot a dozen pics last Saturday. I drove to Ceres Nature Preserve this past Monday, hiked into the woods and shot 16 more pics. I drove to Chestnut Branch Park this morning and took a 20 minute walk. The lighting wasn’t all that great but I took a few shots anyway. Only 4 frames left on the roll then it’s into the soup (Diafine).

We’re supposed to be getting a big storm Friday and Saturday. Odds are for rain here in South Jersey, at least for the early part of the storm on Friday morning. Might turn to snow Friday night and snow all night. I prefer rain because you don’t shovel rain. I don’t shovel snow any more either, but maybe I’ll get some pics.

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High Contrast Play

I’m still milking the last roll of film I developed back in January. I thought I’d play with high contrast images. I took both photos in our family room one day a few months ago.


This shot is actually the second in the series but I think it’s the better of the two so I’ve placed it first. The twins and Julia are playing near the patio door. I used a 50mm f/1.8 lens on my F3HP. The lens was wide open or close to wide open. The critter you see on the right is a squirrel trolling for peanuts on our patio.


We don’t have a dog any more. My main man Roscoe passed years ago. Molly, probably the smartest dog I’ve ever met is a part of Sue’s family. I can’t remember the occasion for the visit, but Molly came along for the ride.

I can see Tracy (my wife) just to the left of Molly. The twins are sitting next to Molly in front of Tracy. And I can’t remember who is sitting in the foreground. I used my ‘real’ wide angle lens — a 24mm f/2.8 Nikkor — for this shot.

I’ll have new photos to share soon. I stopped in Chestnut Branch Park on the way home after I paid our quarterly property taxes on Thursday past. Took three pics then and finished the roll today at Erin’s place. My nephew Brian and family were up from Florida and we had a lovely time.

Thursday was cold and windy but I took a walk in the woods anyway. I need the exercise and new photos. I plan to visit one of the parks in my neighborhood a few times each week. Good places to walk, enjoy nature and capture images I can share on The Aware Writer.

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