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Good Lord! It’s been over a month since I posted anything on Aware Writer. I don’t have any new images but that’s not an excuse. I poked about in my archives and found an image that I made a few years ago in our back yard.


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This is a shot of a branch from a small Japanese maple. The original came from a roll of color transparency film, but I thought the photo would be better as monochrome so I converted it. I like the photo but never posted it because there was (please note past tense here) a nasty blown highlight and a few other smaller blown highlights (in the wrong places). I looked at the image again. Hey, I can fix that and I did.

The eye is drawn to lighter tones in a photo which is why the blown highlight (pure white with no texture) ruined the image. The picture came to life once I got rid of the distractions.

The image is peaceful with a kind of Zen feeling — I like it.

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