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Tracy bought a flat of flowers (impatiens) for Livvy and Maddy to plant in our yard. I couldn’t miss this opportunity to photograph the girls and their flowers in glorious monochrome.


I took this shot earlier this week. It can take me weeks to use a 24 exposure roll of film. I started the roll this image came from weeks ago with half a dozen or so pics I took during a morning walk in the park.

Another half dozen or so shots of the twins took me to frame 15. Pictures of my neice Mary in her prom dress finished the roll. I developed the film this morning (Saturday)and hung it to dry for six or seven hours in the shower stall. I scanned and edited after dinner.

Back to my subjects. Livvy and Maddy had a lovely time planting their flower garden (with a lot of help from Tracy). Now let’s see how patient they are waiting impatiently for their impatiens to bloom.

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