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Here are the rest of the photos that I took in Chestnut Branch Park last month. These four images are from the same roll of Ilford FP4+ as the last few pictures I posted this month.

01jun13_002-1 01jun13_004-1 01jun13_005-1 01jun13_006-1

I took the first photo as I was walking along the paved path leading to the 911 trail entrance (around the bend on the right).

The shapes, textures and light caught my eye here as I slowly wandered along the trail so I snapped the second photo.

The third  picture is another image with gnarly forms, some nice textures, light and shadows.

I love the textures and forms made by the trees in the forest. Add the right kind of light (and shadows) and you might get a decent photo. This last photo is also the last from this roll of film. Better get my butt out and on the trail again soon.

I’m taking some people pics today. Our family is gathering later this afternoon to help my neice Mary celebrate her graduation from high school. How about a hot dog in one hand and my camera in the other. Promise I won’t get mustard on the camera like I did once before.

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