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What if magic is real? Maybe it is or maybe magic is something that was real once but now? The magic on the TV has Maddie and Liv entranced, so much so that they never noticed the magic ‘leaking’ into the family room. Fortunately, no harm was done.


How could this magic go wrong and leak away? I’m the guilty party here. When I loaded the film onto the reel for processing I missed a groove somewhere along the line and a few of the negatives toward the end of the roll had chemical stains where film touched when it wasn’t supposed to. Yes, the magic leaking out of the TV screen is simply negatives damaged during processing.

I was ready to trash the offending negatives but decided to scan this one anyway. Much to my surprise, the defects don’t seem like defects at all. Maybe there is magic in the world. Maybe the mistakes with the reel weren’t mistakes at all but the result of a spell cast on the film when it was in the camera. Maybe magic is real after all.

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