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I finally bought a digital camera that I can like, a FujiFilm X10. My price point for a good enough digital camera was around $500. Part of me wanted a dslr, another part wanted a Leica (yeah right!) and another part of me wanted to keep things simple by using my new smart phone (yeah I finally got one of those too).

When Fuji released the X20 the street price of the older X10 dropped. I couldn’t resist the $299 sale price on B&H a few weeks ago so I bought one. Here’s one of my first shots taken during an early snow we had last week. I opened the front door and stepped out for this shot.

This camera is so retro it has a threaded cable release socket in the shutter release just like the film cameras I so love. I’m not giving up on film, I just want the convenience of an excellent digital camera that fits into my coat pocket. The X10 is a good start.

Fuji knows film and their film simulation modes are excellent. I took about 100 photos over the Christmas holidays and 25 are worth keeping. I’ll probably post a few over the next week or so.

I’m still learning how to get the most out of my new camera. I’ll figure it out while having some fun.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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I was rummaging through my archives on my old external hard drive when I found some nice pics of flowers.

2red glads(BW)

The original of this photo was scanned from a color transparency. I remember taking a series of pictures using a black cloth for a background. I don’t remember the steps I took to get this black and white version, but I like it so here it is again. Looking at the image refreshed my memory. I converted the color image to black and white then reversed the image. What you are looking at is actually a negative. Works for me.

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As the founder and president of AAOF (American Association of Old Farts) I take advantage of certain privileges such as sitting in a folding chair on the sidelines when we go to watch any of our granddaughters play soccer.

Click anywhere on the image to enlarge.

Click anywhere on the image to enlarge.

We have six granddaughters and all of them are soccer players now.  Livvy (on the left) and Maddy (on the right) just started their soccer career a few weeks ago and they love it.

I had a roll of Kodak Ektar color print film in my Nikon F3HP and my 75-150mm zoom lens mounted so I could get close without getting out of my seat. A bonus that comes with the seat — I don’t have to get down on my creaky knees to take photos of the kids (you need to get down to their level for decent photos).

I’m not giving up on B&W but I do have to inject some color every now and then. Hope you like it.

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I bought two rolls of Kodak Ektar color film in early spring with the idea that I would dust off my tripod and capture lots of macro images of flowers and other lovely things. Other stuff has a way of intruding on life so I didn’t get lots of images this year but I did get one.


Click anywhere on the image to enlarge.

Nice to know that I can still do color and if I can only manage one image all spring and summer, that one image had better be good and this one makes me happy.

Back in the olden times when film was king and I was still working, I worked with color almost exclusively. I used Fuji color transparency exclusively because I had access to a great lab where I worked. I don’t use color much these days because I prefer B&W for a number of reasons. Decent color labs are all but gone now so, when I do use color I use Ektar color print film.

Today’s Ektar is a modern implementation that’s optimized for scanning. Color negative film can be a bitch to get the colors right but I used a neat trick when I scanned using VueScan.

You know that piece of unexposed film on the end of the roll of negatives? Yes that one. Load it into your scanner and preview the frame. Click on input then scroll down and check off lock film exposure. Run preview again, scroll down again, this time to lock film base color.

Now VueScan knows how to expose the rest of the roll but more importantly renders colors correctly.

Ektar is cheaper than color transparency film and I get the film processed by Mpix for $6.65. And I send the film in the mail using free mailers provided by Mpix. Ektar is great color film and I have another roll. The first roll took half a year. I wonder how long it might take me to shoot the second roll?

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Hooray, I finally have some new images to share with you. Livvy and Maddy, our nearly five year old twin granddaughters are playing soccer now. Have a look.


Here’s Livvy and Maddy taking a break on the soccer field. Livvy is number seven. Maddy is standing to Livvy’s right. They have a practice and a ‘game’ on Saturday morning at 9:00 AM. This photo was taken a few weeks ago.

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Here’s a photo that I don’t think I’ve ever published before.

Click to enlarge the image

Click to enlarge the image

I forget (it’s been 47 years — that’s scary) the exact circumstances but I think it must have been one of the gates into the civilian side of the airport. We often paired with the Canh Sat (Vietnamese National Police) at different gates around the perimeter.

Looks like the shot was taken during the monsoon season. You don’t know real rain until you’ve been through a monsoon rain storm. I wish I had photos of the day I was posted in an observation tower during one of the worst thunder and lightning storms I’ve ever seen. I needed an extra roll of toilet paper after that storm.

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When I first published this week’s image 2 1/2 years ago as The Look II, that image retained the typical 2 x 3 ratio of a 35mm negative. I like square images when it makes good aesthetic sense so I played. Here’s a square cropped version of The Look II.


Please click on the image to enlarge.

I don’t think the girl was happy to see me. Whatever gave me that idea. Hah.

I’m having so much fun digging out the best of my photos from my year in the Nam. I hope everyone else is enjoying the revisiting as much as me.

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I couldn’t resist. Yes I’ve shown this photo a few times but since I’m revisiting Saigon 1966, and this is one of my favorites from that era, I’m doing it again.


This image was a labor of love. I still have a print that was made way back. I never realized how good this image was until I scanned the negative and looked closer. The lab did a terrible job making prints and handling my negatives. The negs looked like someone had dropped them on the floor and walked on them all day.

I spent days cleaning all the dirt and scratches. There was a scratch across the woman’s face that I got rid of. I also dodged and burned both boys faces.

Interesting fact. I used Picture Window Pro to tweak the curves before converting to 8 bit and doing all the rest with the Gimp. I used the Gimp because I could use layers when I dodged and burned. It worked.

I liked this photo enough that a framed 5×7 print hangs on my office wall. Hope you enjoy this image as much as I do. It captures some interesting emotions (not to mention light and shadow).

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Since folks have expressed their interest in seeing more reruns of my Saigon photos, here are three shots of young kids I encountered while I roamed the streets of Saigon.


Kids are great the world over. They are friendly when you are. These guys were great subjects. Wish I could remember the circumstances.


What do we have here? Looks like two very young schoolboys. I don’t think they saw me.


Whoops! What happened? Did one of them drop their homework in the puddle or did they find a treasure floating in the puddle?

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Here’s a series of never before published photos from my time in Vietnam way back in 1966 (and a few weeks into 1967). These images aren’t examples of my best work (the negatives were horribly dirty, etc). But the series does tell a story of ordinary people commuting, snapshots of a day in their lives.






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