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Mary’s (my niece) senior prom was four weeks ago. I took a few snapshots before Mary left for her prom.


Here’s a close in shot of Mary. I took this picture in the front yard, Zoomed in and opened my zoom lens to blur out the background.


We moved to the back yard where the strong sunlight wasn’t as harsh and I could use the bushes as a backdrop. This is Mary and two of her friends. I captured some nice facial expressions with this shot.


My sister Trish wanted a photo of her and Mary. This one turned out half decent. I think there are a few more photos on a fresh roll of film that’s still in the camera. I took a few more pictures of Mary in her cap and gown a few weeks later. I still have 10 or 11 frames left on the roll of film so I better get my lazy self out for some picture taking.

All three of the above photos are from the same 24 exposure roll of Ilford FP4+ that gave me the images I posted earlier this month. Love that film.

I had two cameras with me when I shot Mary’s pre-prom photos. The second camera, my Nikon F3HP was loaded with (shhhh!!!) Kodak Ektar Color film (gasp! Color??). Yes, color. I bought two rolls of Ektar so I could do a little macro photography of flowers and such. I have a few frames and I’m waiting for some nice evening light on some of the flowers Tracy, Livvy and Maddy planted in our yard. Yeah and I’m waiting for some motivation as well.

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